For those who still have questions about Amnesty Day, I’ve posted details about the process. I can obviously still answer questions in class.

Remember that the syllabus has been changed, and Amnesty Day is now Thursday, December 2.


FourSquare screencasts #jmc310

For anyone still having difficulty figuring out FourSquare, check out the screencasts on the Resources page: they walk you through using the web page, the mobile web page, and specifically show how to add venues and tips.


As promised, here’s a link to the landlord-tenant Twitter defamation case I briefly mentioned at the end of class. We’ll finish up our discussion of law on Tuesday, then move on to my favorite topic: theory!

Blog selections

For the blog report assignment, peruse the blogroll or select another relevant blog (per the assignment details), then comment here to let me know which one you’ll be covering for the semester.

Updated social media resources

I added some links to the Resources page. There you’ll find some general information on social media, and Twitter specifically, as well as a few Twitter applications and tools to play with.

Remember that you can always come to my office hours, email, or tweet me if you have questions or are running into trouble with any part of this assignment.

Social media for business

Some of you may be interested in attending this event ($25 with a student ID). See the official description and registration information below. Continue reading

Welcome to JMC310 Public Relations!

This site is where you will find the most complete and up to date information about the Public Relations course for Fall 2010. You can find the class policies, list of assignments (and more detailed instructions as they become available), syllabus, and other resources. I strongly recommend that you subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog, since this is where I will post any changes, updates, and reminders relating to the course.

Feel free to use the comments function below to ask general questions about the course. Depending on the nature of your question, though, you may be better served by using the #JMC310 hashtag on Twitter (for timely inquiries), asking in class, stopping by my office hours, or emailing. There are plenty of ways to find out what you need to know.