Blog selections

For the blog report assignment, peruse the blogroll or select another relevant blog (per the assignment details), then comment here to let me know which one you’ll be covering for the semester.


18 responses to “Blog selections

  1. I’ll be covering Todd Defren’s blog, PR-Squared ( He posts regularly about social media tactics and some pretty interesting ideas, so I’m looking forward to writing about his techniques for this semester!

  2. I started reading Occam’s RazR and really enjoyed what I read. I have decided to follow Ike Pigott’s blog because I think he is an interesting writer with even more interesting thoughts. It seems like he posts a new blog every day, so that would make following him easier and more reliable. I’m looking forward to his blogs.

  3. I will be covering the Little Pink Book PR. This seems more relevant to the side of PR I would be interested in and it’s updated regularly. There are some things I’ve read that contrast with the PR elements we learn in class, so I see this as a way of learning through actively paying attention to what the blog may be misconstruing as good elements of PR.

  4. I will be covering the little pink book PR because it is very interesting to fun to read and I really like that way Sasha Halima presents her professional opinion of different PR tactics and on certain events.

  5. I will be covering Little Pink Book PR.

  6. I will follow Dave Fleet’s blog because i want to know how to connect PR with social media.

  7. Courtney Jacobsen

    I will be covering Dave Fleet’s blog. I’m really interested in social media and he seems to be pretty knowledgeable about it!

  8. I will follow Green Banana because the author does a good job preparing PR professionals and students for what is ahead of them. She gives step by step advice about how to handle certain situation that involve important communication strategies.

  9. I have been following PR Couture for months now so I think it would be a good blog for this assignment. They update the posts regularly and I get the alerts on my phone. Plus, I want to get into fashion PR so I’m learning about topics that interest me in the process!

    • Sabrina, I can’t approve PR Couture for this assignment. It seems they really focus on events rather than discussing the process of PR, which is what the blogs for this class do. You’ll need to choose another blog to cover.

    • Okay, on closer examination, I see that the blog has sections about PR that do focus more on public relations practice than simply fashion events and trends (a link in your comment would have helped me find this information more easily). So as long as you concentrate your reporting on these substantive parts of the blog, then you can follow it. Email or come talk to me if you need more clarification.

  10. I would like to follow the “Little Pink Book PR” as my interests in public relations falls into the fashion and entertainment world that the blog seems focused around.

  11. I will be reading “Little Pink Book PR” for my blog assignment 🙂

  12. Jessica, I am honored. I did take a three-week vacation in August, but I’m getting back up to speed, so I hope I meet your requirement for post frequency.

    I’ll do my best to be interesting, and warn Dr. Gilpin that I am in no way changing my personality for her class. 😉

    • Ike, I would be so very disappointed if you changed at all! I’m happy that some of my students will be following your blog, since it’s always a great catalyst for discussion.

      • (By the way… this is an example of a PR professional who does his due diligence, and examines his backlinks for traffic sources. It has NOTHING to do with my obsessive jealousy of Dave Fleet.)

        (Your kids DO know that he’s not a real American, right…?)

  13. I would like to cover Dave Fleet’s blog because I am interested in social media and Dave Fleet seems to cover that pretty well. It will be interesting to discuss PR and social media as well.

  14. Rachel Sutherland

    I am following Socialized PR – it seems to cover all the stuff I am completely oblivious to but need to understand better!

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