Assignments & exams

This course includes a number of assignments to allow students to practice and apply the concepts learned, and exams to assess their comprehension. Some smaller assignments will be added throughout the semester as appropriate; this page describes the key projects students will be responsible for.

Blog reports

Students will be expected to keep up with trends and topics in the profession. One means for doing so is to read blogs written by public relations professionals and educators. Students will choose from a list provided, and complete four two-page reports during the semester, relating the topics covered in the selected blog to the course material. Specifics of the assignment will be provided separately.

Social media assignment

Social media are changing the way organizations interact with internal and external stakeholders. Public relations practitioners must understand the new communication environment and know how to incorporate social media channels into their professional practice. This assignment gives students experience using multiple social media tools for public relations purposes.

PR in action

One objective of the course is to make students aware of the different types and forms of public relations practice, and thus able to identify instances of public relations in their everyday life. This assignment asks students to report on and summarize one such example from mainstream media. Details will be provided in an instruction sheet.

Case study analysis

A thorough understanding of the strategic planning process will allow students to analyze public relations cases. Case study analysis is a crucial professional skill for practitioners, and one that is developed in future coursework. In this class, students will learn the basics of the case study analytical method, which they will apply to a published case study and write up in a three-page format. More details will be provided on the specific assignment sheet.

In-Class Assignments, Quizzes, etc.

From time to time there will be assignments to be completed during the class period, either individually or in pairs or groups. These may be written assignments, quizzes, or other forms of in-class work. You may not make up any in-class work that you miss due to lateness, absence, or leaving early.


The midterm and final exams for this class will be a combination of multiple-choice and short answer questions, drawing upon material covered in assigned readings, class lectures, the textbooks, assignments, and in-class discussion.

Point distribution

PR in action assignment : 15%
Social media assignment: 15%
Case study: 15%
In-class assignments and quizzes: 20%
Blog reports: 10%

Exams: 25% total, with
Midterm: 10%
Final Exam: 15%

The final exam will be cumulative and include all material covered throughout the semester.