Amnesty Day

What is Amnesty Day?

The spirit of Amnesty Day is to acknowledge that sometimes we need a second chance to do things right. The range of assignments in this class is broad, and most students are unaccustomed to the type of work we do in public relations: applying concepts to practical situations, examining how theories affect real-life decision making, analyzing strategic processes. These are skills that take considerable practice to master, and some may come easier than others. Since the goal of this class is for students to learn the material, having a chance to revisit a challenging assignment is more conducive to learning than simply having to accept a poor grade on the  first attempt.

Also, sometimes life just gets in the way, and we find ourselves submitting subpar work–or not submitting it at all. Amnesty Day offers an opportunity that, unfortunately, professional practice does not: a risk-free do-over*, so we can all pretend that the first round didn’t happen.

Of course, like any second chance (or first chance, for that matter), you’re not required to take it. The decision of whether or not to submit something for amnesty is up to you.

How does Amnesty Day work?

Amnesty Day is a regular class day–we’ll have lectures and discussions on the assigned readings and weekly topic. If you are participating, you will need to bring the following to class in hard copy:

  • The first version of the assignment (if you submitted it), with my comments;
  • Your newly reworked version, which should take those comments into consideration and show improvement. It is your responsibility to contact me before the Amnesty Day deadline if any aspect of the assignment or my comments is unclear to you. I am unlikely to see and be able to respond to emails or tweets the night before the deadline, so give yourself plenty of time to ask questions in advance during class or my office hours.

Which assignments are eligible for Amnesty Day?

Each student may submit ONLY ONE assignment, so choose carefully. Any of the following may be submitted:

  • Social media assignment (15% of total grade)
  • PR in Action (15% of total grade)
  • Case study (15% of total grade)
  • Blog report (2.5% of total grade each)

Exams, in-class assignments and quizzes are NOT ELIGIBLE for amnesty.

*Amnesty Day is risk-free because you will not receive a lower grade on your amnesty submission than your first version, even if by some mysterious process you have submitted inferior work the second time.


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