Situation Analysis: SWOT exercise

The Greater Phoenix Recreation Center has hired you to help them raise awareness of their presence among community residents, increase membership and participation in activities, and position themselves as the prime spot for formal and informal gatherings of all kinds among constituents.

Here is some information to help you:

  1. The Center is a two-minute walk from a light rail station, and has three bus stops within a ten-minute (walking) radius.
  2. It is located near a major shopping mall.
  3. It is one of the oldest and most established rec centers in the area, but could use some renovation to update the facilities.
  4. A recent survey showed that many area residents thought the Center catered specifically to senior citizens, although it offers programs and facilities for all age groups.
  5. There has been a decline in the birth rate since the Center was built, but neighborhood residents have above-average incomes and thus more money to spend on leisure activities.
  6. More residential housing is being constructed in the area.
  7. The Center has received state-wide awards for the quality of its programs for children and teens.
  8. The Center has recently hired a midwife to conduct prenatal classes, and is considering building a birthing center.

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