Strategic Planning Process Review


Defining the problem (Chapter 11)

The problem, concern, or opportunity
“What’s happening now?”

  1. Situation analysis
    (internal and external)

    “Who is involved and/or affected, and in what way(s)?”
    “What positive and negative forces are operating (SWOT analysis)?”


Program goal (Chapter 12)
“What is the desired situation?”
“By when?”

  1. Target publics and objectives
    “Which internal and external publics must the organization respond to, reach, and affect?”
    “What must be achieved with each public in order to accomplish the program goal?”


Planning, strategies and tactics (Chapters 12-13)


“What is the budget available to implement the program?”
“What is the overall action and communication plan for achieving the program goals?”

  1. Action tactics
    “What internal changes must be made to achieve the outcomes stated in the objectives?”
  2. Communication tactics
    “What message content must be communicated to achieve the outcomes stated in the objectives?”
    “What media best deliver that content to the target publics?”
    “What non-media tactics can best engage the publics in ways that will help to achieve the outcomes stated in the objectives?”
  3. Program Implementation Plans
    “What is the sequence and schedule of events?”
    “Who will be responsible for implementing the action and communication tactics?”


Evaluation Plans (Chapter 14)
“How will the outcomes specified in the program goal and objectives be measured?”
“How will progress toward the outcomes be monitored?”

  1. Feedback and Program Adjustment
    “How will the results of the evaluations be reported to program managers and used to make program adjustments?

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