This schedule represents a good faith effort to describe our strategic plan for the semester, but even the best-laid plans are subject to change. I may alter the order or content of topics, activities and assignments as necessary or appropriate; all changes will be posted here immediately and notified via the blog. You are responsible for keeping track of what goes on in class. Please do not ask me to call or email you with content you may have missed, although I am happy to meet with you during office hours or by appointment for clarification.

The course is divided into four sections, corresponding to major areas of content. The sections are not separate, however: as we move through the material, you will see that there are a number of connections and cross-references. Readings should typically be completed by the Tuesday of each week, since they will inform all lectures, discussions, quizzes, and in-class work. Assignments are generally due on the Thursday of the week indicated, unless otherwise specified.

Section 1: Foundations of Public Relations

Week o (August 19)

Course overview

Readings: None
Assignments due: None

Week 1 (August 24/26)

What is PR?
Introduction to social media

Readings: C&C Chapter 1
Assignments due: None

Week 2 (August 31/September 2)

History of public relations

Readings: C&C Chapter 4; Bates, pp. 4-23 (posted on Blackboard)
Assignments due: None

Week 3 (September 7/9)

Public relations, ethics, & the law

Readings: C&C Chapters 5 and 6
Assignments due: None

Week 4 (September 14/16)

Theoretical underpinnings
Social capital

Readings: C&C Chapter 7; Tribes
Assignments due: Blog report 1
Special event: September 15, Cronkite Night at the Movies: Thank You For Smoking

Week 5 (September 21/23)

Messages and persuasion

Readings: C&C Chapter 8
Assignments due: None
Guest speaker: On Tuesday (September 21), Guest speaker Dan Schawbel will talk to us about personal branding
Special event: Must-See Mondays: Dan Schawbel, Sept. 20, First Amendment Forum

Section 2: Public Relations Practice

Week 6 (September 28/30)

Types of practitioners

Readings: C&C Chapter 2
Assignments due: Social media

Week 7 (October 5/7)

Culture: International and internal communication

Readings: C&C Chapter 9; Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions
Assignments due: None

Week 8 (October 12/14)

External communication
Issues & crisis communication/management

Readings: C&C Chapter 10; Botan & Taylor (2004) (Blackboard)
Assignments due: Blog report 2

Week 9 (October 19/21)

Tuesday: Catch-up & Exam review

Thursday: Midterm

Section 3: Strategic Planning

Week 10 (October 26/28)

Identifying public relations problems

Readings: C&C Chapter 11
Assignments due: None

Week 11 (November 2/4)

Planning, programming and implementation

Readings: C&C Chapters 12 & 13
Assignments due: PR in Action

Week 12 (November 9/11)

Evaluating public relations actions
Case study method

Readings: C&C Chapter 14
Assignments due: Blog report 3 (by 11:59 pm Thursday, given the holiday)

Section 4: Public Relations Domains

Week 13 (November 16/18)

Public relations in business & industry

Readings: C&C Chapter 15
Assignments due: None

Week 14 (November 23/25)

Public relations in government & public affairs

THURSDAY (NOVEMBER 25): NO CLASS (Thanksgiving holiday)
C&C Chapter 16
Assignments due: Case study (due Tuesday before class, given the holiday)

Week 15 (November 30/December 2)

Public relations in nonprofits & NGOs

Readings: C&C Chapter 17
Assignments due: Blog report 4
Thursday (December 2): Amnesty Day

Week 16 (December 7/9)

Wrapping it all up

Readings: None
Thursday (December 9): Final exam 7:30-9:20